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The Elemental Program

What Makes Elemental Different?


Our inside-out approach involves sitting with yourself and in the medicine to do your own work and develop a trusting relationship with your inner guidance. We strive to be clean mirrors in our psychedelic practice, which means working with our light and our dark and not denying or bypassing the many parts of self that make us fully human. Through this process of self-exploration, our outer offerings are made stronger.


"People can only meet you as deeply as they've met themselves." - Matt Kahn


Unifies Clinical Practice & Divine Mystery

Our extensive backgrounds in training come from our clinical practice, higher education, and academia as therapists, researchers, and educators for many years, while our personal work has taken us deep into the transpersonal and psychospiritual worlds.


Multiple, Self-Paced Opportunities 

The Elemental model honors taking breaks, moving at one’s own speed, & encourages you to take your time to find teachers and topics that speak to your individual calling. We also offer many opportunities for stepping into or expanding,  your psychedelic practice.


Small Containers for
Retreats & 

We hold our retreats and training immersives as intimate containers where you receive individualized coaching and mentorship to support the transformative process of birthing your own energetically alive and clear path in the psychedelic space.

 The life force of plant and psychedelic medicines, and all of us, is made of the elements. To understand medicines and to understand ourselves, we must be in relationship with the basic building blocks of all of life:

earth, water, fire, and air.

-Dori Lewis

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Our Why
Elemental Psychedelics is partly birthed from our own observations and experiences with the irresponsible use of plant and fungi medicines and psychedelic substances in poorly held spaces with falsely emboldened practitioners who are unaware of the depth they could take people. How much do we really know about what we are playing with in the psychospiritual realm as we open these spaces within ourselves through plant and psychedelic medicines? Even with the awareness of the power of big altered state experiences, practitioners who have not come into right relationship with their personal power and shadow work might intentionally or unintentionally use power inappropriately. This is where we see abuses, harms, and psychospiritual traumas happen in psychedelic spaces. Elemental Psychedelics holds the intention to steward psychospiritual medicine work with careful attention to power, safety, and relationship. 
Our How
Elemental’s training program mirrors the process and experience that we hope clients will encounter in their own psychedelic healing journey. Clients don’t heal from us. They heal from their own experiences, relationship with the medicine, and inner guidance. We don’t have the answer for how clients are supposed to heal. We, as facilitators, stewards, and midwives, are not telling people how they have to heal. We are giving people safe space and opportunity with medicines so that they may find their own unique path to their own healing.

We mirror that process in our training with facilitators. For example, many trainings include an experiential component so that, as a facilitator, you have a taste of the altered state landscape that your client is experiencing. Taking it a step further, Elemental supports you in using your medicine experiences in the training program to more deeply connect with your inner guidance, your inner truth, your higher self on the questions you hold as a practitioner so that you can hold space for someone’s potential to do the same in their psychedelic work. 
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