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Psychedelic Training & Retreats

Train Your Team

Elemental Training at Your Clinic

Do you have a team of health and mental health professionals looking to expand into psychedelic practice?


Does your team of 10 or more people need quality training on ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, psychedelic support services, or other topics in psychedelic therapy?

Let our training team travel to you!


Ketamine-assisted Therapy Training at Your Clinic

Elemental Psychedelics can customize on-site psychedelic trainings or retreats for your specific needs and ongoing group professional consultation as your team gets up and running.  

Sample topics include:


Ketamine Considerations

  • The purpose of ketamine as a tool in your therapy practice

  • Uses, indications, contraindications 

  • Assessing client “readiness” 

  • Ketamine therapy protocols

  • Administration and dosing

  • Preparation and integration


Ethics & Safety

  • Set, setting, and competencies

  • Power and privilege in psychedelic spaces

  • Creating safety for consciousness exploration

  • Touch and touch agreements

  • Informed consent



  • Guided experientials with ketamine as it would be used in your office

  • Safety evaluations

  • Prescriber and therapist consultation pre- and post-training

Explore possibilities for expanding your team's offerings!

Inquire now for a free consultation and estimate for bringing Elemental Psychedelics' trainers to your area.

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