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Elemental FAQs


The following are common questions about the Elemental Program and the offerings we provide. If you have a question that is not addressed in the information below, please reach out via our contact page. 

Does Elemental training certify me to do Ketamine-Assisted Therapy?

No, there is currently no certification required to do Ketamine-Assisted Therapy. Ketamine is prescribed off-label for supported use in therapy sessions. It is up to each practitioner to appropriately develop your professional competence through training and supervision in order to expand your scope of practice to include ketamine-assisted therapy. While there is no certification required from state or professional bodies, Elemental Psychedelics does provide a certificate of completion of classroom hours alongside opportunities for ongoing clinical supervision and consultation as a way to support practitioners’ professional competence in an expanded scope of work.

Does Elemental training certify me to do psilocybin therapy or psilocybin support services?

No, there is currently no certification offered in the state of Colorado or nationally (except Oregon) for psilocybin therapy or support services. Tiered training and certification requirements for Colorado-based practitioners are under development as part of Proposition 122 and are expected to be implemented in 2024. Under the decriminalization of natural medicines in Proposition 122, it is no longer a criminal offense under state law to offer support services related to the personal use of psilocybin mushrooms. Elemental training offers a path for practitioners to develop competence, ethics, safety, and personal relationship with medicines. You can stay up to date on certification standards and requirements by joining our mailing list.

Do you offer CEUs for your training and workshops?

Elemental training and workshop participants will receive a Certificate of Completion for educational and experiential hours completed. For licensed practitioners in some states (including Colorado), these educational hours can count towards continuing professional development hours needed for LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor), LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker), or other professional (e.g., MFT, LAC, etc) licensure renewal. You can join our mailing list to stay current on future CEU offerings.

The psychedelic therapy educational program I am enrolled in (at Naropa, CIIS, or another institution) requires an experiential component. Does Elemental training offer experientials to meet educational requirements of other programs?

Yes, our training immersives and retreat intensives all include firsthand experience with a psychedelic medicine that should meet requirements of most other educational programs that require an experiential component. You can contact us with any details about specific requirements of your program and we can direct you to the appropriate Elemental experiential offering.

What are the legalities around psychedelic substances?

The laws around various psychedelic substances are changing across the country. Psychoactive substances used as part of Elemental training and retreats are all legal in the state of Colorado. However, you are encouraged to review laws in your home location before beginning a professional practice with these medicines. Ketamine is legally available by prescription and is used off-label in therapy practices. Psilocybin mushrooms are decriminalized in Colorado, including for personal use, gifting/sharing, transporting, and providing related support services.

Is the medicine used at Elemental training safe?

Yes, the psychedelic medicines used at Elemental training and retreats are highly physically safe. Even with excellent safety profiles, participants will complete screening and safety evaluations with one of our medical providers prior to a training event. At this time, participants may ask questions about any safety or contraindication concerns based on their specific health history.

What qualifications do I need to participate in Elemental training?

Elemental hosts introductory to advanced training for clinical professionals and non-clinical practitioners from a variety of backgrounds. Even more important than traditional qualifications, we value qualities such as a sincere commitment to doing your work with high ethics and integrity, a good support system outside of the training environment, and openness to continuing to develop a relationship with the work over time as an ongoing practice.

Is there ongoing support after I finish training with Elemental?

Yes, we believe that ethical psychedelic care requires ongoing engagement in your own personal relationship with medicine, consultation with peers, supervision, and continuing education opportunities. After completing foundational psychedelic coursework through Elemental Training Immersives or other psychedelic therapy training programs, you may continue your work through Elemental’s retreat intensives that provide focused space to deepen your work on special topics. Elemental further offers group and individual consultation and supervision. You can also have the opportunity to co-facilitate retreats and circles with us, bringing your own unique gifts and offerings to the grounded containers that Elemental curates.

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