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Psychedelic Training & Retreats

Consultation, Supervision & Coaching

The Elemental Approach To:
Professional Consultation

In addition to psychedelic therapy training, Elemental Psychedelics offers professional consultation to help you or your group stay on top of the advancements happening in the mental health field, particularly as it relates to psychedelic therapy and client care.


Professional consultation is for both clinical professionals and non-licensed practitioners who are looking for: ​

  • Guidance with adding psychedelic-assisted therapy or supportive services as an offering to their existing practice.

  • Best practices for helping clients process and integrate any range of psychedelic experiences.

  • Case consultation around ethics, safety, or goodness of fit for psychedelic work.

  • Psychedelic education and harm reduction.

  • Discussion around the philosophies, approaches, and skills of psychedelic-assisted therapies.

  • Setting up your psychedelic-assisted therapy or support services practice.

  • Transpersonal and psychospiritual lenses for psychedelic exploration.

  • Integration for psychedelic and altered states experiences.

Elemental offers individual and group professional consultation. Individual consultation is $110 for 30 minutes, $165 for 45 minutes, or $200 for 1 hour. Sliding scale options are available.
Or, register below for our monthly drop-in professional consultation group.

Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy Virtual Consultation Group
Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy Virtual Consultation Group
Multiple Dates
Sep 03, 2024, 10:30 AM MST
Google Meet
A drop-in, virtual professional consultation group for new and experienced ketamine-assisted therapy practitioners.

The Elemental Approach To:
Clinical Supervision

Are you a Colorado-based therapist in need of your DORA-required supervision for licensure or looking for PDA hours to renew your LPC license?


Elemental clinical supervision is specifically designed for individuals who fall into the following categories:

  • LPCCs seeking Colorado DORA-required supervision to fulfill licensure obligations.

  • Those in search of PDA hours to meet the LPC licensure renewal requirements.

*Professional Development Activity (PDA) hours are mandatory during the 2-year renewal cycle for LPCs in the state of Colorado.

Clinical supervision is $110 for 30 minutes, $165 for 45 minutes, or $200 for 60 minutes. 

The Elemental Approach To:

Hughes Shannon_color head shot (1)_edited.jpg

Perhaps you have taken all the trainings, done all the experientials, and still, trying to figure out "where am I in all of this? what is my role here? what is mine to do?"

Coaching at Elemental Psychedelics crosses the personal with the professional for  practitioners of all varieties who want to

  • hold their psychedelic work with authenticity and integrity,

  • bring greater clarity to their practice,

  • remain deeply rooted in their own gifts,

  • deepen and expand the sacred intention of their work,

  • step forward without the fear, insecurity, or scarcity that keeps us guessing, playing small, comparing ourselves to others, or feeling like what we have to offer is not enough

  • use entheogens and psychedelics for their own personal growth and healing, including integration into their business and career.


Individual coaching is $200 per hour. For group coaching, join our mailing list and we will notify you when registration opens for our upcoming group offering: Radical Healership Mastermind Group.

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