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Psychedelic Training & Retreats

Psilocybin Mushroom Facilitator Training

Psilocybin Mushroom Facilitator Training for Clinical and Non-clinical Practitioners

Elemental's 120-hour mushroom journey facilitator program combines online and experiential opportunities to support your exploration of education, experience, and ethics for embodied practice as a mushroom journey guide.

Elemental's Mushroom Journey Facilitator Program involves:

  • 20+ hours of online curriculum, community-building, study groups, and live calls

  • 4-day in-person Elementals of the Psilocybin Mushroom Journey for clinical and non-clinical tracks

  • 3-day in-person Deepening your Psilocybin Mushroom Practice for clinical and non-clinical tracks

  • 4-day in-person Creating Powerful Psychedelic Groups training

  • Supervised practice opportunities

  • Ongoing virtual consultation groups 

How does Elemental's Mushroom Journey Facilitator Program differ between clinical and non-clinical practitioner tracks?

Non-clinical practitioners include individuals from a variety of backgrounds in the healing arts including yoga instructors, life coaches, massage therapists, meditation teachers, doulas, energy workers, reiki practitioners, CNA’s, EMT’s, as well as individuals from other backgrounds seeking to expand their lives into new terrain.

Elemental's non-clinical track in mushroom journey facilitation includes learning objectives important to practitioners from all backgrounds, such as:

  • Uncovering essential sitting skills

  • Perfecting the components of set and setting to support a safe and ethical psychedelic journey

  • Familiarizing yourself with screening protocols for non-licensed practitioners so that you may know when to refer out to other practitioners

  • Ethically staying within your role as a sitter or space holder for psilocybin journeys

  • Understanding and internalizing the ethics of psychedelic care, risks, and avoiding harm

  • Uncovering the importance of consultation and collaboration

  • Staying updated with the current legal landscape in Colorado for non-licensed practitioners in the allied health or healing arts.

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Elemental's clinical track is designed for licensed therapists, social workers, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other clinicians in the health or mental health fields.

The clinical track includes all of the essential competencies and embodied practices of psilocybin mushroom journey training with particular attention to the context of clinical work.

2024 dates for the Mushroom Journey Facilitator Program coming soon! Join our mailing list to be the first notified when registration opens.

Guest Faculty

Gabe DeRita.png

Gabe DeRita

Transformational Life Coach

Creating Powerful Psychedelic Groups

In this training you will learn:

  • The unique benefits of offering psychedelic experiences in a group setting

  • The differences between several group models 

  • How to screen and prepare participants for groups 

  • How to create a container that facilitates connection and increased safety

  • Best practices for documentation and paperwork such as informed consent, and mental health evals

  • Facilitation skills to deepen the group experience and enhance connection among participants

  • How to hold space and ethically use ritual and ceremony that is not appropriative

  • How to address common challenges facilitators encounter 


The last of Elemental's 4-day intensive is a groups-based training for clinical and non-clinical practitioners to learn how to ethically, skillfully, and technically create and run psychedelic groups. This training experience combines two experiential group sessions to give participants the opportunity to experience group psychedelic work in different formats.

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