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Elemental's Intention &

Our Intention

Elemental approaches psychedelic training relationally by guiding and supporting health and mental health professionals as they tap into their inner wisdom and birth their own unique offerings in the psychedelic space. We combine classroom education, firsthand medicine experiences, personal coaching, clinical supervision, community connection, and a variety of special topic and retreat offerings so that you may build a psychedelic therapy or support practice that is unique to you and grounded in a strong sense of ethics and integrity.

all along i have searched for

knowledge when what I was

really looking for was wisdom

not the information that fills

my mind with details and facts

but the experiences that fill

my being with freedom,

healing, and the light of insight

Yung Pueblo


Our Values

Honoring Your Gifts

The promise of the psychedelic movement will be brought to fruition as each of us comes into alignment with what our most sincere gifts are. Psychedelic therapy or support is not technique-based and is not a practice you can learn in a textbook. You must connect with your own grief, joy, inner guidance, ethics, and shadow work, and strive to integrate all of it into solid ground for your unique offering to the community you serve. 


How might you hold psychedelic space in a way that is entirely authentic to who you are and the gifts that want to flow through you? Anchored, centered, and grounded into your most authentic self, the people drawn to work with you are aligned with your offerings and your creations may serve this collective moment we share.

We are calling in a space of abundance. We invite you to settle into the knowing that you are enough,   and while your offering is not for everyone, it is powerful and it is needed.

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Honoring The Work

A cornerstone of Elemental is doing one’s own work: Your own self-grounding, your own grief process, your own transpersonal exploration, and inner guidance work. Doing the medicine is part of it, but only within a container that recognizes “the work” that exists outside of the medicine realm itself. Elemental holds shadow work, light work, and personal transformation as paramount to developing the skills for holding space and facilitating medicine journeys for others. Knowing one’s self, lineage, ancestors, shadow, and joy is what keeps the people we sit for safe, you the steward safe, and the medicines offered safe and alive.

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Birthing Your Own Path

“Traveler, there is no path; the path must be forged as you walk.” 


There is no singular roadmap that will tell you what you need to know in order to go out and be a psychedelic therapist. Elemental’s training program provides spaces where we do medicine in community for the purpose of teaching, learning, and growing together.


There is a lot happening in the emerging psychedelic field and it can easily spin us into confusion, scarcity, insecurity, and fear-based attempts to do something before we miss out. Birthing your own path means not looking at what other people are doing, not comparing yourself to what you see happening around you, not trying to compete in the capitalist psychedelic marketplace that’s emerging, but rather, to use this moment to further connect with yourself and what is yours to do in all of this. Get your mind clear, get your spirit centered, and stay on path with yourself. There is enough, you are enough, your gifts are enough. You do not need to look to your left or to your right. There is enough space for everyone to get what they need here, as we create from a place of abundance. At Elemental, we believe this is an important component of the feminist perspective that yearns to come through in the psychedelic movement.

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