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Dori Lewis


I am a co-founder of Elemental Psychedelics and the owner-operator of Reflective Healing in Fort Collins, CO, a psychotherapy group practice that specializes in psychedelic therapy using ketamine, integration therapy, transpersonal psychotherapy, and providing clinical supervision.


As a clinician in practice for 10 years, I blend transpersonal psychology, depth work, and psychedelic-assisted therapy within a model that centers the therapeutic relationship. To date, I have stewarded nearly 100 ketamine therapy sessions and countless more individual and group ceremonies.  I have been trained and mentored in shamanic ritual which has helped me bridge traditional counseling practice with the transpersonal and existential realms that can hold incredible meaning and connection for our work with clients. 

As an educator and trainer, I have delivered a number of talks for the professional psychedelic community through the Nowak Society and other guest lectures, including the importance of psychedelic facilitator ethics through the lens of existential shadow work as a main stage speaker at the Emergence Festival in 2022. I co-teach introductory psychedelic therapy workshops and am a core faculty member for the Psychedelic Research and Training Institute (PRATI), specializing in teaching new and experienced clinicians about set and setting, ceremony, and ritual within a ketamine-assisted psychotherapy model.


As interest in psychedelic medicine continues to grow, I feel it is the responsibility of those who have a voice in our professional and psychedelic communities to stay informed and intercept and challenge disinformation and questionable ethical practices that are being put out into the public arena.


Our own training program, Elemental Psychedelics, is the latest birthing: a women-led training center providing training through a feminine lens by guiding facilitators to tap into their own unique offerings and their own sense of right relationship in the psychedelic space. 

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